Lauren Boebert Seems Downright Obsessed With Solving DC’s ‘Public Urination’ Plague, Despite All Of The Other Problems America’s Currently Faced With

Things have been slightly quiet on the Lauren Boebert front lately. Let me rephrase: Lauren Boebert has been typically vocal on Twitter (and she let the world know that she will soon be a grandma while praising teen pregnancy), but it’s run-of-the-mill stuff for her to talk about gun rights amid the ongoing rash of school shootings. Both fortunately and unfortunately, Boebert is now discussing something else: public urination. Naturally, this also brings to mind how Boebert’s husband was once arrested for exposing himself in a bowling alley, but here we are.

Boebert was very eager to cut into a discussion led by Rep. Becca Balint, who questioned why public urination should be of importance right now with so many other vital subjects at the forefront. Why this is of interest now (other than lingering discussions about D.C. criminal code retooling from last fall) remains a mystery, and Balint clearly wanted to cut the subject short, so she asked a witness for a final sentiment on the subject.

However, Boebert muscled in to assert that she had something to say instead: “I do!” Balint was not thrilled.

As Raw Story further notes, Boebert also came in hard for a witness, who she appeared to accuse of decriminalizing public urination. She continued to ask the same question of “Mr. Allen,” who maintained that he had not done so, and in fact, “The revised criminal code that was passed by the council kept it as a criminal offense.”

It’s a bizarre interlude for sure, and one that will likely be remembered as ultra-absurd in a time when the nation is once again reeling from a mass-shooting at an elementary school. And Congress is up on Capitol Hill, spending valuable time discussing pee.

(Via Raw Story)