Lauren Boebert Actually Asked ‘What Is A Man?’ During House Testimony, And She Received A Heck Of An Answer

Lauren Boebert took a break this week from being very excited about Elon Musk and her ideas on free speech and getting fired up about gun rights to hit Capitol Hill for lawmaking duties. This included quizzing Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, who was on hand to answer questions about abortion, a medical procedure that’s come increasingly under fire by Republicans (this week, Oklahoma became the latest state to essentially ban a woman’s choice).

There’s no doubt that GOP-led legislatures in states are scoring victories for their agenda, but Boebert’s line of questioning isn’t doing her side any favors on the federal level. Via Ron Filipkowski, the representative from Colorado decided to ask Becerra, “What is a man?” And he fired back, “You’re looking at one.” This was followed by Boebert’s awkward, “Great. You are a man. I like that. Can men get pregnant?”

If aliens touched down and observed this madness, they’d be so perplexed. This exchange included Becerra asking whether “you know something that I don’t know” about whether it’s possible for a man to be pregnant. It’s a pretty embarrassing turn of events, but Boebert eventually got to her point, which is that she’s very angry about the federal government’s “birthing person” terminology. And that prompted Becerra to match Boebert’s strange questions with one of his own: “Are mothers not persons?”

The upcoming midterms should be telling.