It’s Literally Raining Sh*t In A New Political Ad From A Colorado Man Who Hopes To Unseat Lauren Boebert

Whether she’s accidentally proving that she knows bupkis about the U.S. Constitution, or complaining about voting rights, or using her gun-filled Christmas card as some kind of political statement, it’s clear that Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is full of crap. Alex Walker, one of the 11 Democrats who’s running against her in Colorado, took that expression literally and filmed a campaign ad showing pieces of poop falling from the sky.

“Don’t you ever wonder where it’s all coming from?” Walker says in the video above following a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs-like sequence of “real Coloradans” who “deserve a living wage, small government that actually works, and freedom of choice” getting crushed by huge turds. “Colorado needs a bull, not a bullshitter. I’m Alex Walker, and I approve the sh*t out of this message.” The ad also shows a fake Boebert spraying poop from a hose over a map of Colorado and her computer.

Walker is openly gay, raised by Republican parents in Littleton and Eagle, according to his campaign announcement. He is an entrepreneur and has worked as an engineer. The announcement cites Walker’s business experience and the loss of his brother to suicide as reasons for his campaign.

“Part of why I’m running is to honor my brother and everyone left behind by elected officials who don’t do their jobs,” the announcement said. “I’m 100 percent committed to stopping Boebert from continuing her endless cycle of attacking people because of who they are or what they look like.”

The Denver Post reports that the 11 Democratic candidates “combined have less than 13 percent of the more than $2 million that Boebert has on hand, according to the most recent set of campaign finance reports. Some have yet to report any cash on hand at all.” If only Walker hadn’t spent $5 million on the poop visual effects. Live and learn.

(Via the Denver Post)