Macaulay Culkin Is Legally Changing His Name After Soliciting A Public Vote

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Macaulay Culkin seems like a goofball just living his best life. After choosing to spend most of his adulthood out of the spotlight, the Home Alone star, now 38, primarily lives in Paris where he runs his own “GOOP meets the Onion” lifestyle website called Bunny Ears.

The website’s description states that it “began as a few thousand ideas scribbled out on an interconnected series of whiteboards in Mack’s Parisian home,” where he would “write down fashion trends he loved, health advice, travel recommendations, and more for visiting friends and service repairmen.”

Cool, cool. It was on this website, last month, that Culkin held a public vote to change his middle name from the boring but otherwise okay-sounding “Carson” to a selection of his choosing, including “Shark Week,” “Publicity Stunt,” “Kieran” (his brother’s first name), “TheMcRibIsBack,” and “Macaulay Culkin,” as he explained.

My middle name is something dumb. Larry? Orange? Honestly, I can’t even remember it. So I asked you all to send in some better options so I can go down to the court house and explain to a judge why I need to change my middle name to something cool.

And as promised, on Culkin has announced the winner on Twitter, which turned out to be … Macaulay Culkin! So now, going forward his full name will be “Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.”

“Merry Christmas to me, from all of you! My new middle name has been chosen. You voted and the winner is clear,” he wrote. “In 2019 my new legal name will be: Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. It has a nice ring to it (if you like my name).”

Culkin previously opened up about the stunt to Jimmy Fallon, explaining that if “Macaulay Culkin” were chosen to be his new middle name, that “if somebody comes up to me at the airport and says, ‘Excuse me, are you Macaulay Culkin?’ I go, ‘Well Macaulay Culkin is my middle name.'”

Goofy new name aside, Culkin seems fairly well-adjusted for a former child star, all things considered, and doesn’t seem bothered by his fame. Earlier this month he even reprised the role of Kevin McCallister for a Google Assistant commercial, although one would have to imagine those sweet Google bucks were probably more than worth it.

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