Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister Goes ‘Home Alone’ Again With Help From Google

Depending on who you ask, the Bruce Willis action vehicle Die Hard is either a tried-and-true Christmas moveor not. We’re not going to debate this topic here, for the time being, but what we are going to do is insist that the Chris Columbus classic Home Alone most definitely is a Christmas movie. The original is regular holiday viewing for children of the ’90s, so the tech conglomerate Google decided to capitalize on this fact by hiring Kevin McCallister himself, Macaulay Culkin, to go Home Alone Again in a new series of ads.

The full commercial, which dropped early Wednesday morning, features Culkin in character as an adult version of Kevin reliving some of the film’s most iconic scenes — albeit through the magic of green screens and recreated setpieces. It’s also intercut with quick shots from the movie, as well as a single line of dialogue from Joe Pesci’s “wet bandit” Harry Lime. (Yes, Harry of “Harry and Marv” actually had a last name in the film. So did Marv, whose surname was Merchants. His full name was Marv Merchants.)

Google also split the minute-long ad into several smaller 15-second bits, but the coolest thing they did was post a short featurette about the making of the whole thing. It’s by no means a Behind the Music-quality affair, but it’s still fun to see how Culkin and the crew recreated bits of Home Alone shot-for-shot in the ad.