Madison Cawthorn Is Whining That His Own Party Is Out To Destroy Him After His 2nd Airport Gun Bust

In a move everyone saw coming, Representative Madison Cawthorn is now using his gun bust at a North Carolina airport to bolster his re-election campaign.

Cawthorn, who likely needed some “good press” after photos were leaked showing him wearing women’s jewelry and lingerie, was cited by the TSA earlier this week for carrying a loaded gun into Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a man wearing lingerie, but it was pretty off-brand for a conservative boy scout like Cawthorn who’s rallied his base using homophobic and transphobic rhetoric. So when news broke that he’d had a run-in with law enforcement after trying to bring a deadly weapon on a flight, it seemed fairly obvious the whole thing was likely a PR move — especially considering he recently announced a coveted campaign endorsement by the NRA.

Now, Cawthorn’s using all the extra attention to paint himself as some sort of victim of the “political establishment” and he’s breaking out all of the MAGA buzzwords his tiny brain can think of to do it. Cawthorn took to Instagram, sharing a two-minute-long rant about how “the North Carolina political establishment” and “one RINO [Republican In Name Only] senator” are “targeting” him.

“They’re coming hard,” Cawthorn claimed. “They’re putting hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars to be able to defeat me. We’re starting to see this coordinated drip campaign. … It’s where they’re going to drop an attack article every one or two days just to try to kill us with death by 1,000 cuts, and that is really their main strategy.”

The “they” he’s talking about seems to be members of his own party including Sen. Thom Tillis who recently endorsed one of Cawthorn’s many challengers in the upcoming primaries. Call us crazy, but it sounds like Republicans just don’t like it when you accuse them of throwing cocaine-fueled orgies for clout.

(Via The NY Post)