Madison Cawthorn Got Busted While Trying To Carry A Loaded Handgun Through Airport Security (Again)

Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn is having a hell of a week.

Just a few days ago, intimate pictures leaked by a former member of his inner circle made the rounds on social media. The photos showed Cawthorn — who’s been weirdly obsessed with the supposed “feminization” of young men by the LGBTQIA community — donning women’s jewelry and lingerie while on a cruise. Cawthorn did his best to put his own telling spin on the photos, but he’s going to have a harder time explaining away his latest highly publicized gaffe.

On Tuesday morning, Cawthorn was cited for having a gun while catching a flight at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. According to the TSA, the 9-millimeter handgun was loaded though it’s not clear whether the weapon was on Cawthorn’s person or in his carry-on.

TSA and the local police are declining to offer further comment on the story and Cawthorn’s own reps have yet to address the incident, but it’s not the first time the that orgy-obsessed Congressman has brought a deadly weapon with him on a flight. In February of last year, Cawthorn was cited for having a 9-millimeter handgun in his carry-on while boarding a flight at Asheville Regional Airport.

Why anyone other than an air marshal might need a loaded handgun with them on a plane is anyone’s guess, but the timing of this whole thing is fairly suspect, especially since Cawthorn recently announced his reelection campaign is being funded by the NRA.

We’re not saying he orchestrated a public run-in with the law at a highly-trafficked airport just for the headlines … but we’re not not saying that either.