A Man Decided To Cook His Urine And Forced His Entire Apartment Complex To Be Evacuated



If you live in an apartment complex you sometimes smell what your neighbors are cooking for dinner. Unfortunately for the residents of the Brandywine apartments in Amherst, MA a neighbor wasn’t cooking a garlic-packed delicious Italian dinner, he was whipping up something with a more chemical smell. No, this dude wasn’t going all Breaking Bad, he was sautéing his own urine.

According to Mass Live, folks living at the complex contacted apartment officials about a strange and strong odor coming from one of the units. Officials then called the police and when authorities arrived they discovered a pot of ‘chemicals’ cooking on the stove. Not sure of the substance, the Massachusetts Hazardous Materials Response team and bomb squad had to be brought in to evacuate the entire apartment complex. The ‘unknown substance’ was then proven to be human urine, which according to the resident of the apartment they were cooking it for “health reasons”. We’re guessing they probably heard of urinotherapy on the Dr. Oz Show or they’re a big fan of Ochocinco. The tenant who decided to take a more holistic approach to wellness wasn’t charged with anything, but will probably have the dubious nickname of “The guy who cooks his piss” or simply, “Pee Pee Dude” by his fellow neighbors.

(via Mass Live)