Spaghetti Grilled Cheese Is The Next Viral Food Trend For You To Drool Over

Is your stomach ready for the next crazy food trend? No, it’s not rainbow-colored this time, and it’s not another strange flavor of ice cream either. What it is: spaghetti grilled cheese.

You can thank Orange County, California-based gourmet sandwich shop Burnt Crumbs for coming up with the cheesy carb bomb (starch on starch, yo!). According to Foodbeast‘s Marc Kharrat, it was actually created as a bit of an afterthought, when the head chef decided to slap some leftover spaghetti and cheese between two slices of garlic bread.

Although it seems like something that would be polarizing — because seriously, do we really need spaghetti and bread and cheese, unless we’re planning on running a marathon or angling for the world’s best nap? — the spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich has taken off like wildfire. These days, it’s the most ordered sandwich on Burnt Crumbs’ menu. And of course, it can’t hurt that customers are posting plenty of droolworthy shots of their sandwiches on social media:

Twitter users seem pretty enthused by the idea, too:

Right now, the spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich is only available in California, but that doesn’t prevent you from attempting to create it from your own leftovers. Just make sure you add plenty of cheese so you can get your own beautiful shot.

(Via Foodbeast)