Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Confronted By A Veteran Who Is Sick And Tired Of All Her ‘Craziness’

Marjorie Taylor Greene took to the campaign trail this week as she gears up for reelection, and so far, it’s not going so great for the embattled, whackadoo congresswoman. During one of several stops, Greene was confronted by U.S. Navy Veteran Alex Boyle who called out the Georgia representative for her “craziness” and saying that joining the military is “like throwing your life away.” Jewish space lasers also made a cameo appearance.

“She spoke disparaging[ly], as if my service in the United States Navy as a veteran, and my military experience was some sort of a waste of time,” Boyle said during an exchange filmed by WTVC. When Greene tried to change the subject, Boyle did not back down. Via Raw Story:

“I heard what you said, I read the texts,” he said. “Here’s the problem, you’ve cast disparaging things against the Jewish community, you suggested a space laser.”

“No, sir, I have not,” Greene responded.

“You are disrespecting the United States Congress and you’re a shame,” he said.

As one of Greene’s entourage or a supporter yelled that Boyle has been watching “fake news,” he got in one final remark at the QAnon congresswoman. “I’m really, horribly, saddened that the fourteenth district has gone to such craziness,” Boyle said.

Here’s a different angle of the exchange from WTVC reporter Bryanna Idzior:

Of course, the larger question is whether Greene will even be able to run for reelection. A judge has yet to rule if her involvement in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building constitutes insurrection. If so, Greene could be removed from the ballot. Greene appeared in a hearing in April where she attempted to downplay her connection to the “Stop the Steal” rally. However, her testimony flagrantly contradicted the public record, and last week, lawyers officially filed paperwork accusing Greene of lying during the hearing. If a judge rules against her, Greene will not be eligible for reelection. That decision is expected to arrive within the week, according to Bloomberg.

(Via WTVC)