Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Really Mad When A Reporter Brought Up Her Old Facebook Post About ‘Jewish Space Lasers’

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been very public about her many kooky beliefs, but there’s one that when people bring it up really gets under her skin. In a 2018 post about Facebook, well before she ran for Congress, she wrote about what has been dubbed “Jewish space lasers.” The term has come to haunt her, and she does not like it. So when a reporter mentioned it at a small rally with her supporters, she quickly got very huffy.

In the old post, Greene spread a bizarre conspiracy theory blaming a deadly wildfire in California on space lasers that were controlled by a Jewish family. When that post was dug up years later, New York Magazine memorably dubbed it “Jewish space lasers,” a term that quickly went viral and is now a permanent part of her mystique.

On Monday, a reporter confronted her with the post itself. “This is your post under your name,” the reporter told her, “and you’re talking about the Rothschild family, which has been at the center of anti-Sematic conspiracies since the 19th century.”

Greene claimed ignorance. “I did not know that,” Greene told the reporter. “I have no idea. I’m telling you.” She then said that at the time “a regular American. Never been in politics. I couldn’t have told you some people back in politics or families names, don’t know their backgrounds.”

But the reporter persisted. “But now that you do know,” he said. “Now that you’ve been told… anti-Semitism is on the rise at an alarming rate.”

“I’m fully against anti-Semitism,” Greene responded, pointing to her support of Israel. “You’re mixing two things together. You’re accusing me of something I did not do, and then you’re trying to blame me for anti-Semitism.”

The post was far from the most alarming thing Greene made before she entered politics. She once shared a video of her harassing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and suggested that Nancy Pelosi should be executed for “treason,” both of which are at the very least major HR issues.

(Via Raw Story)