Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’s Ready To ‘Fight It Out’ On The Side Of The MAGA Kook Caucus In The Coming Republican Party ‘Civil War’

The Republican Party appears to be imploding in real-time thanks to its relatively disastrous performance in the 2022 Midterm Elections. And if you think any part of that sentence reads a bit hyperbolic then just hang on a sec.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene threatened today to “lean into” a GOP “civil war” should the deteriorating situation between hard right-wing representatives and more moderate members of the party call for it. We’ll say that again: these MAGA whackos are practically giddy over the fact that their political party is in shambles, so giddy in fact that they’re egging on this raging dumpster fire.

Here’s Greene’s latest appearance on Real America’s Voice where she seems surprisingly gung-ho about destroying her own people up there on Capitol Hill.

For some context, Greene and her fellow House Freedom Caucus members are riled up over how badly some Trump-backed MAGA candidates did in the recent midterms. Despite predictions of a “red wave,” Republicans will likely control the House with the bare minimum of members needed. Of course, that means that a vote on the majority speakership of the House still needs to take place and that’s where Greene and the rest of the Freedom Caucus are trying to make trouble now. Kevin McCarthy has held onto the role so far, but Greene and her cohorts are hoping to challenge his reign if he doesn’t agree to their terms — which basically amount to lessening the speaker’s power over the House and giving individual members more of a voice on the floor.

Greene’s latest comments prove just how dire things are in the GOP at the moment. Members are at each other’s throats, trying to place blame for their failure to grab power during the Midterms on anyone but themselves. Those who aren’t part of the MAGA cabal have already turned on Trump, but it sounds like the ones still banking on support from the MAGA crowd — and Greene is among that number — are trying to divide the Republican Party by clinging to their unpopular, uber-conservative platforms.