Marjorie Taylor Greene Left Everyone ‘Quacking’ With Laughter While They Mercilessly Dragged Her Greatest Grammar Slip-Up Yet

Marjorie Taylor Greene is queen of the grammatical slip-ups, and she is apparently ultra-pumped up while the U.S. awaits election results in key races. We previously saw Greene nonsensically rant about Nancy Pelosi and “gazpacho police” and accuse Bill Gates of growing substitute meat in a “peach tree dish.” Tensions remain high, so it’s fun that Marjorie somehow one-upped herself on Twitter.

Granted, the typo in question actually wasn’t more egregious than her previous oddities. It’s about the same degree of WTF, but Greene saw the tweet-typo and corrected herself and still left the old one up, so that’s an extra layer of bizarreness. She began by declaring, “I’m sure our enemies are quacking in their boots while we are still over here trying to count ballots.”

The congressperson who’s batsh*t enough to be denounced by CrossFit soon modified the “quacking” to “quaking.”

And in case she decides to delete this madness, here’s a screencap. It’s a good thing that Elon hasn’t rolled that “edit” button out yet, right?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Quacking
Via Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter (Screencap)

Yes, it sure looks like the “quacking” tweet is the more popular version, judging by the number of likes and retweets alone. People are enjoying this very much. You might enjoy it, too. These are stressful times. We take what we can get.