Even The ‘Dilbert’ Guy Is Throwing Trump Under The Bus Now: ‘I’m Out’

In more news that reads like SNL-level satire, the guy who draws those Dilbert cartoons has finally turned on Donald Trump.

Why this should matter, we’re not sure. Obviously, it makes for a really funny headline, and it’s likely to piss Trump off considering that the Dilbert Guy — whose real name is Scott Adams — is just one of many former Trump fans now jumping ship after a disappointing Midterms performance. Adams’ day job is drawing cartoons that depict various aspects of office life via a main worker-bee named Dilbert. If you’ve never heard of him, or his drawings, it’s because they exist in these things called newspapers, which are rapidly going extinct.

Adams became a Trump stan sometime in the last few years. He’s since tweeted some controversial opinions about mass shootings, women’s rights, etc. But apparently, the final straw in his idolization of Trump came when the twice-impeached president attacked Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin via his Truth Social account.

This isn’t the first time the Dilbert Guy has publicly opposed Trump’s rhetoric while still professing to be a fan, but it seems like Trump’s insistence on alienating members of his party by resorting to crass name-calling and launching racially-charged barbs was too much for the guy who once suggested that if parents were worried their sons might become mass shooters, they should just kill them.

(Via RawStory)