Republicans Are Fighting Each Other Over Ukraine Support, With Marjorie Taylor Greene Blowing Up On Mitch McConnell

Historically Republicans are usually fighting Democrats. Lately they’ve been fighting each other. The “red wave” that failed to materialize during the midterms has made them turn them on each other. More and more members of the GOP have felt comfortable distancing themselves from the MAGA wing. Even the MAGA wing is duking it out, with former Marjorie Taylor Greene recently coming for onetime bestie Lauren Boebert. Now Marge is turning her sights on Mitch McConnell.

As Ukrainian president Voldymyr Zelensky arrived on U.S. soil, the Senate minority leader has urged fellow Republicans to helkp the Democrats pass a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill, which includes, among other things, $45 billion earmarked for the embattled nation. He called the defeat of Russians in their nearly year-long invasion “the number one priority for the United States right now, according to most Republicans.”

That sent Greene steaming.

In a Twitter thread, the Georgia representative accused McConnell of seeking to “override” the slim majority Republicans will soon have in the House so as to “help Biden & his retiring Senator friends.” She fumed about the Southern border, about migrants, about foreign aid to countries that aren’t Ukraine. She concluded that “the American people are raped everyday at the hands of their own elected leaders.”

She wrote, “We, Republicans, as a national party need to have a serious talk about supporting any member of our party that betrays us in this manner.”

Greene wasn’t the only MAGA Republican furious with the top Republican. “Mitch McConnell actually said yesterday that most Republicans #1 priority is … Ukraine,” tweeted Don Jr. “I have yet to meet a single Republican that thinks that, but I guess the disconnect between actual republicans and DC swamp rats shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

Both Greene and Jr. were also furious with Zelensky, with the former calling him “a shadow president” lording over America’s “51st state” and the latter going so far as to dub him an “ungrateful international welfare queen.”

Anyway, let them fight, as they say.