Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Demanding ‘An Apology’ From ‘Thug’ NYC Mayor Adams After Her Failed Trump Protest

Marjorie Taylor Greene must be having the time of her life today, despite her claims to the contrary. She is now beefing with NYC Mayor Eric Adams after he called her out (“while you are in town be on your best behavior”) ahead of her planned protest of Donald Trump’s arrest. Adams apparently wasn’t swayed to be hospitable by Greene’s 60 Minutes profile, and the congresswoman from Georgia proceeded to act like she’d never been in New York City while making a Batman reference and complaining that the city is awash in crime. She, of course, blames Adams for everything in New York, and that apparently includes her failed protesting.

Newsweek reports that Greene was booed by counterprotesters who yelled at the “liar” lawmaker. As revealed by The Daily Beast, Greene made a “barely audible” speech (due to whistles that The Daily Beast notes were reportedly handed out by a Trump supporter) before swiftly leaving the protest scene.

From there, Greene hopped right a vehicle and into phone call mode for Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. In this video clip posted by federal lawyer Ron Filipkowski, Greene called Mayor Adams “a thug” who “threatened” her with “Antifa to bring their whistles, pots and pans, to drown me out.” She would now like “an apology.”

The event’s “pandemonium” was revealed in photos and video footage posted to Twitter by Buzzfeed News’ David Mack:

Actor Michael Rapaport, uh, apparently put his own voice on top of David Mack’s video to add to the chorus of detractors. Greene looks pretty darn happy, though.