‘60 Minutes’ Is Getting Ripped For Profiling Marjorie Taylor Greene, And Its Probably Not Helping That MTG Seems To Be Emboldened By It

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the geographically challenged congresswoman who floats harmful impossible statistics and notoriously ranted (also harmfully) about “jewish space lasers,” received her very own sit-down profile with 60 Minutes over the weekend. As one can imagine, this didn’t go over well in advance with people who were outraged that the show gave the QAnon cheerleader a platform (therefore posing the danger that her extremist views could be seen as normalized), and that outlook hasn’t changed.

For sure, 60 Minutes did itself no favors by promoting this interview by tweeting that Greene “isn’t afraid to share her opinions, no matter how intense and in-your-face they are,” as though a “fearless” vibe was all that’s going on here. And onscreen, Greene was allowed to repeat her well-known repertoire of conspiracy theories and falsehoods without much pushback. Greene even straight-up likened Democrats to “pedophiles” while declaring, “Democrats support — even Joe Biden, the president himself — supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries. Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children.” In response, Lesley Stahl puffed her cheeks in disbelief, but as Democratic strategist Sawyer Hackett noted, she did not push back, nor did Stahl point out the falseness of these accusations.

And it’s no wonder that The Daily Beast and a chorus of upset Twitter users are referring to the profile as a textbook “softball” interview.

On Monday morning, following her high-profile interview, Greene appears to be emboldened after receiving said platform. She fired off a tweet that matched the theme of her false accusations against Democrats, and she’s also coming for Budweiser and the Country Music Awards for “caving to the Trans agenda” after Kelsea Ballerini performed onstage with Drag Race stars.

In other words, no lessons have been learned here, and Greene is absolutely thrilled to have spread her far-right propaganda into into living rooms across America.