Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Made-Up Word(s) Have People Scratching Their Heads While She Tries To Fuel A Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theory

Just when you thought that Vladimir Putin receiving one U.S. lawmaker’s support would be the only significant Marjorie Taylor Greene news to slip out this week, she’s dropped a squeaker before the holiday weekend. It’s also worth noting, before we jump into this, that Greene’s known linguistic screwups. She recently accused Nancy Pelosi of running the “Gazpacho Police,” and she claimed that Bill Gates used a “peach tree dish” to make “fake meat.”

Now, Greene has moved on to questioning the death of Michael Stenger, the Senate sergeant-of-arms who became the former Senate sergeant-of-arms on January 7, 2021, following criticism over his handling of security during the insurrection. As NBC News reports, Stenger was found dead earlier this week, although his death his not considered suspicious by authorities. Fox News further reported that Stenger died of cancer (at age 71), but that hasn’t stopped the QAnon crowd from making sh*t up because they believe he knew something, and that someone wanted to take care of him before his Jan. 6 hearing testimony.

QAnon head cheerleader Marjorie Taylor Greene is on board with this wildly dangerous conspiracy theory. In a video posted by federal lawyer Ron Filipkowski, Greene used the made-up word “suicided” as well as the term “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” to plant seeds of how a 71-year-old man, reported to have cancer, couldn’t have simply died:

“He has died mysteriously and we don’t know anything about his death. We know that he died on June 27. We know that he was 71 years old. But we have no report of why he died. Did he have a heart condition? Was it Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Did he have cancer? Did he have some other medical issue that tragically led to his death? Did he commit suicide? Was he suicided? We have no idea. We do know that we’re concerned about this… We think the public deserves to have answers.”

As Filipkowski points out, the term “suicided” is, in fact, a made-up word that’s tied to conspiracy theories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s jail-cell death. Marge’s suggestion here is that Stenger knew something that Democrats didn’t want the world to know.

Let’s just say that the head-scratching has commenced in earnest out there. People are hung up on why Greene’s conspiracy theory-riddled mind not only tossed out “suicided” but also this thing called SADS that’s also surfaced in Covid-related conspiracy theories.

And here’s the next progression, apparently. TGIF!