Vladimir Putin Has Received The Approval Of One U.S. Lawmaker (Which Really Should Make Him Reevaluate His Entire Strategy)

Vladimir Putin found a hopeful friend within the House of Reps, but it’s really a signal that his Ukraine plan is not going well for him.

That’s no understatement. Putin’s disastrous war on Ukraine has led to a 20-year low for his approval rating, and even one of his long-time allies has trashed his “colossal mistake” of deciding to invade Ukraine. He’s reportedly in danger of being assassinated by someone in his inner circle, and the Kremlin is ragingly issuing period lists of Americans who are not welcome in Russia. That would include several U.S. lawmakers, including “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, but there’s one congressperson who might be on Putin’s party list in the future.

Actually, Putin might wanna pass and then redo his whole strategy after learning of his new buddy. Marjorie Taylor Greene — she of the “gazpacho police” quote and “Jewish space laser” conspiracy theory — has reacted to recent news about NATO. The international military alliance recently invited Finland and Sweden into their fold (amid fears that Putin will keep invading nations during his imperialistic fervor), and Greene must not be impressed. Further, she believes that the U.S. should leave NATO, and (via Raw Story) she worries that Biden will join the Russia-Ukraine conflict when she believes that Russia should simply be allowed to do it’s thing.

“The American people do not want war with Russia, but NATO and our own foolish leaders are dragging us into one,” Greene tweeted. “A war that no one will win. Escalation over Ukraine, a non-member nation, risking nuclear war is a power play endangering the entire world. We should pull out of NATO.”

Of course, there’s no real use in trying to make sense of Greene’s strategy because she rarely makes any sense with her points. And Russia’s now growing increasingly isolated, but does he need friends that badly to appreciate Greene’s embrace? This really should be a sign for him to step back and realize that the writing is on the wall when it comes to friends and allies. He’s painted himself into a corner, where it seems like his only recourse for newfound support is to cozy up to the Taliban, and now, there’s Marjorie Taylor Greene in his ballpark. Time for a reset.

(Via Raw Story)