Matt Gaetz Released A Hype Video To Ask For Donations, And The Venmo-Related Jokes Won’t Stop

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is having a bad 2021, although the deep sh*t that he’s wading through appears to be nobody’s fault but his own. He’s facing those sex trafficking allegations, and his indicted associate is cooperating with the Feds for leniency, and even Tucker Carlson wants nothing to do with this hot legal mess. Not only that, but James Carville dunked harshly on Gaetz, and throughout all of this, reports have indicated that (via the Daily Beast) that the guy is spending so much money (several hundred-thousand dollars so far) trying to sway public opinion in his favor.

Did anyone tell Gaetz that the Department of Justice will not be swayed by hype videos? Regardless of the answer, that’s what Gaetz is doing while tweeting to his supporters, “Our new ad is launching. Pls donate @ [site name] to help us run it a bunch!”

(The production values here are so bad that it’s hard to believe that this isn’t intentional.)

As Mediaite notes, Gaetz doesn’t explicitly ask for money during the video (which also contains Project Veritas footage to frame himself as a victim), but clearly, he’s asking for money while tweeting it out. And he’s outwardly asking for the cash so that he can make more bizarre self-cheerleading ads? Very strange stuff, and the guy’s trapped in his own vicious cycle. As you might imagine, Twitter’s having a grand time in tossing Gaetz’s stunt-king act right back at him. Naturally, his very curious Venmo transactions are receiving recognition, but several other jokes are flying as well.