James Carville Has Harsh Words For Matt Gaetz: ‘The Weirdest Looking Guy I’ve Ever Seen In My Life’

It’s pretty obvious that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is in some deep sh*t regarding the sex trafficking allegations against him. His indicted associate is cooperating with the Feds for leniency, which does not bode well for Gaetz, and even Tucker Carlson sprinted away from the scandal as fast as possible while declaring that Gaetz’s (poor) attempt to defend himself against the sex trafficking allegations against him, was “one of the weirdest” that he’s conducted. Gaetz’s desired Gaetzgate isn’t going well at all, and now, James Carville’s got some harsh words for the congressman, as related to MSNBC.

The Democratic consultant and strategist went on a bit of a rant while regarding both Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who he called out for her stunt-queening on several notes. Carville declared, “It’s profitable to be crazy in today’s Republican party.” That’s stating the obvious, although it probably needed to be said, but then came some real bluntness from James Carville about Gaetz: “He looks like a character or something. That is the weirdest looking guy I have ever seen in my life.” He added, “And the weirdest acting guy.”

Well, Carville’s not wrong about Gaetz being “the weirdest acting guy” (or at least one of the weirdest), but as for the comments on Gaetz’s looks? Funny, but ouch. So far, Gaetz has not commented on the subject, although he’s probably, yeah, a little busy at the moment.