Trump’s Legal Team Would Really, Really (Pretty Please) Like To Know The Name Of That Government Informant

Donald Trump‘s lawyer is making one heck of a request as the former president finds himself under investigation for allegedly violating the Espionage Act, which sparked last week’s raid on Mar-a-Lago. While appearing on Newsmax, Allina Habba revealed that she’s demanding the Department of Justice reveal the witness(es) who claimed to have seen top secret documents being mishandled at Trump’s Florida residence. Her argument? The names are going to come out anyway, so might as well get it over with.

“The president’s position, the same as what I would advise him, is to ask them to uncover everything so that we can see what is going on,” Habba said. “I understand the witness protection issue, but at the same time, these witnesses are truly not going to be concealed for very long.”

While the names of the witnesses wouldn’t be revealed unless the DOJ moves forward with charges, Habba believes the DOJ will find a way to release them anyway. Via Raw Story:

Habba, however, suggested that the law enforcement agencies would leak out the names of the witnesses, despite the fact that such a leak would be beneficial to Trump’s lawyers and could jeopardize cooperation from other potential witnesses in the case.

“It’s in the best interest so that the country can get comfortable to see what the basis was, especially from someone who was cooperating,” she claimed.

Obviously, it’s very strange for Trump’s lawyer to demand to know who ratted him out. The whole thing is definitely giving off mob vibes. As for who could’ve flipped on Trump, there are a few suspects: Former chief-of-staff Mark Meadows is a name that’s mentioned frequently; the Secret Service could’ve done the deed; and Jared Kushner is in the mix. Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen has even gone so far as to say one of Trump’s own children could’ve turned to avoid jail time.

In short, there’s a long list of cronies who could’ve turned on Trump. Heck, Rudy Giuliani is getting squeezed right now in the Georgia election meddling investigation, so there’s a very good chance that it could be multiple somebodies who threw Trump under the bus.

(Via Raw Story)