Matthew Perry’s Friend Is Shutting Down That Bizarre ‘Mattman’ Conspiracy Theory Surrounding His Death

The cast of Friends has spoken out about their heartbroken state in the wake of Matthew Perry’s death. As well, people who were close to him, including his ex-fiancée, Molly Hurwitz, have paid tribute even as details from his toxicology report have been reported.

Then there are the much less legit whisperings on the Internet, when some concluded that Perry’s recent addition of “Mattman” to his Instagram posts meant something darker than simply being a Batman joke.

TMZ is now relaying word from Perry friend Athenna Crosby, who thinks that people are going way too far with their assumptions. She says that Perry simply thought “Mattman” was funny:

Athenna Crosby, the mystery brunette spotted grabbing a meal with Matthew before he died, tells TMZ … the “Friends” star was really into Batman — even calling himself “Mattman” and his ride the Batmobile.

She says he was a playful guy in the months that she knew him … and the conspiracy theory he was pushing subliminal messages about his safety by using the superhero reference is way off.

Athenna playfully chalks the “Mattman” posts up to Perry being a nerd and says fans jumping on the conspiracy train are definitely getting carried away.

Sadly, the Internet is gonna Internet. In 2022, Perry took readers through his journey to long-term sobriety in a memoir, Friends, Lovers, And The Big Terrible Thing. He struggled for decades with drug and alcohol addiction and quite nearly died in 2018, but all indications in Perry’s final year was that he was loving life and sobriety and helping others who embarked upon that journey, too.

(Via TMZ)