Meghan McCain Is Mulling Over Running For Office To Break ‘This Fever Of MAGA’ Gripping The GOP

Over the years, Meghan McCain has repeatedly referred to herself as a “hardcore conservative,” but despite her well-documented love of guns and penchant for dipping into right-wing conspiracy theories, the former television personality has been a frequent critic of Donald Trump. While a lot of McCain’s animosity towards Trump can be directly traced to the former president repeatedly insulting McCain’s father, the late Senator John McCain, Meghan has always tried to present herself as one of the “sane” Republicans who didn’t give into the rabid populism of Trump that’s still gripping the party.

During a recent interview with Britian’s GB News, McCain took her anti-Trump stance even further by revealing that she’s genuinely mulling a run for office to help pull the GOP away from all things MAGA.

“Maybe in a few years,” McCain said. “It’s the first time in my entire life I’ve ever considered it. But this fever of MAGA has to break—one way or the other.”

According to McCain, Trump is stifling the party, but she also wouldn’t be surprised if he cinches the presidential nomination in 2024. And if he does, McCain feels he better win after everything he’s done to the party. Via Newsweek:

“President Trump has to get re-elected—God forbid—again, or he has to just leave the national stage. Because as we have seen in the last election and in the primaries right now, he can’t make candidates but he can break them,” she said. “And right now there’s still just a lot of people who are winning that are following in his footsteps and I would really love more ideological diversity in the party.”

As for what’s holding McCain back, the former View host conceded that America isn’t really feeling political dynasties right now, which is a surprisingly self-aware statement for her to make.

“There’s a real palette for it where people really don’t like it,” McCain said.

(Via Newsweek)