Meghan McCain Is Feuding With The Trump-Backed MAGA Candidate Who Insulted Her Father: ‘What Trash This Woman Is’

Meghan McCain has fired back at Kari Lake, the frontrunner for the Republican nominee in Arizona’s gubernatorial race, after Lake took a public shot at the late Senator John McCain. Lake has been running with the full support of Donald Trump, who has an infamous history of publicly insulting McCain even after his death.

In a recent clip shared by her campaign, Lake urges voters to choose her because she has no ties to the McCain family’s political machine. “This is time to replace that disgusting, dirty McCain Swamp with, maybe, I don’t know… a Lake?”

Meghan retweeted the clip with her short, but to-the-point thoughts on Lake: “What trash this woman is.”

As Mediaite notes, this isn’t the first time that Lake has fired shots at the late Senator McCain, much to the amusement of Trump, who also backed the candidate due to her loyalty in pushing the “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen.” Here’s how Lake described her primary opponent Karrin Taylor, who’s married to a significantly older real estate developer:

“If John McCain had a baby with Liz Cheney and that baby married a 95-year-old billionaire, that’s what we got here… that’s who they want to control Arizona, this is the establishment, the deep state.”

While it’s notable that McCain, a self-described “hardcore conservative,” is attacking a fellow Republican, she has been critical of Trump throughout his presidency while also holding the party line on any given topic. (See: Calling Top Gun: Maverick an “anti-woke” victory.) However, whenever her father is insulted, McCain will almost always break ranks.

(Via Mediaite)