Meghan McCain Made No Sense While Attempting To Talk About Critical Race Theory On Fox News

While Meghan McCain has denied that she’d head back to Fox News after leaving The View, it didn’t take long for the conservative firebrand to show up at her old stomping grounds. McCain stopped by Fox News on Wednesday morning and offered her thoughts on the Virginia gubernatorial race, which ended in a defeat for Democratic candidate Terry McCauliffe. Naturally, that discussion turned to the contentious issue of critical race theory, and like her days on The View, McCain fired off a bizarre take in an attempt to “own” her political rivals on the left. She also touted herself as a parent in Virginia even though her daughter is only a year old and clearly not learning history at the moment.

“I just thought it was very strange that there’s a complete and utter denial that critical race theory exists and is being taught,” McCain said. “There’s ample evidence of it being taught in many states across the country. If it’s something that doesn’t exist, why are Democrats so riled up at the idea of it being banned places?”

Like she did in her recent column for The Daily Mail, McCain is playing fast and loose with the definition of critical race theory, or CRT. The objection from Democratic voters is that CRT is an academic theory that’s predominantly taught at the college level and has been the case going back to the ’70s. It is not some new teaching method that is “poisoning” K-12 education, which is why Democrats have pushed back at the recent hysteria from Republican circles that has, unfortunately, proven to be an effective wedge issue in some local and state elections.

In short, Republicans are pointing to such innocuous history lessons about the civil war or Martin Luther King Jr. and crying “critical race theory,” when those are basic concepts that have been taught for decades without issue. That’s what Democrats are riled up about, Meghan.