A Surprisingly Reasonable Meghan McCain Agrees That Reparations Need To Be Made For The Tulsa Race Massacre

After a series of on-air shouting matches with co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, a noticeably subdued Meghan McCain had a rare moment on The View where she not only fully agreed with co-host Sunny Hostin, but she seemingly bucked her follow conservatives that have been pushing back against teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.

During a segment on Joe Biden becoming the first American president to recognize the Tulsa Race Massacre a century after it occurred, Hostin criticized the city of Tulsa for raising millions for the centennial commemoration and “not a dime of it” went to the survivors or their families that are still living in poverty. “This a textbook case for reparations,” Hostin said. When it came to McCain’s time to talk (at the 7:06 mark), she backed the call for reparations while admitting it’s not something she usually supports.

Via The Wrap:

“I actually think the case that Sunny laid out for reparations for, at the very least, the living ancestors and the families of the people who were the victims of this massacre is actually a really, really good one,” McCain noted. “I’m not always in favor of the argument for reparations, but I think in this specific case, much like for descendants of Native Americans who had their land taken from them, I actually think it’s something that should probably be brought in front of Congress.”

Meghan also agreed with co-host Sara Haines who said that it’s important that schools teach students about “one of the darkest and worst days in all of American history” or else we’re “destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.” To McCain’s credit, that is not a popular opinion in conservative circles right now as Republican politicians continue to protest Critical Race Theory being taught in American schools.

(Via The View on Twitter)