Meghan McCain Blames Trump And His MAGA ‘Cancer’ For Preventing A ‘Red Wave’ In The Midterm Elections

As the Republican Party comes to grips with the midterm election results that failed to produce a “red wave,” Meghan McCain has joined the chorus of GOP members who are putting the blame squarely on Donald Trump. The former co-host of The View blasted Trump in her latest Daily Mail column where she highlighted that his MAGA acolytes like Dr. Oz suffered stunning defeats while more moderate Republicans like Ron DeSantis and Brian Kemp sailed to victory.

“Nearly every major MAGA candidate and Trump-disciple lost or is likely to lose, with the exception of JD Vance in the Ohio Senate race,” McCain wrote before going hard on Trump for being an albatross around the GOP’s neck:

There is a simple and easy conclusion to draw from this. Trump’s MAGA is cancer and it is killing my party. And this should be the final nail in his coffin. President Trump is no kingmaker, in fact, he is the opposite. He seems to have a knack for picking losing candidates. That may be because it is more important to Trump, the narcissist, that candidates suck up to him, kiss his ring and vomit up his talking points, instead of running sincere campaigns that connect with voters in an authentic way.

Adding insult to injury, McCain backed DeSantis as the future of the Republican Party and joined others in saying the midterm elections will only boost his chances of beating Trump in the 2024 primary.

“It has poured rocket fuel on his presidential ambitions,” McCain wrote. “But as of Wednesday morning, President Trump is mere days away from an expected announcement of his third run for the White House. We can see two clear pathways ahead. One leads to success and the other to failure for the GOP.”

(Via Daily Mail)