Meghan McCain Got Dragged For Her Gross (And Hypocritical) Tweet About John Fetterman’s Stroke Recovery

Meghan McCain joined in the conservative attacks on John Fetterman after an NBC News report questionably highlighted his need for closed captioning while conducting an interview with Dasha Burns. Fetterman suffered a stroke just ahead of the Pennsylvania primaries, and he’s been open about his recovery while on the campaign trail. The lieutenant governor has been transparent that he still suffers from lingering auditory issues, but for the most part, he has no cognitive issues.

However, Fetterman occasionally stumbles on words. That issue was controversially addressed by NBC News which was called out for its framing of a senate candidate requiring basic accommodations for a disability. Conservatives, on the other hand, had a feeding frenzy over Fetterman’s sporadic speech issues, and McCain apparently couldn’t resist a good ol’ partisan attack.

“This is insane,” McCain wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “How can someone be a Senator without being able to speak or understand small talk?”

As noted, McCain’s tweet didn’t stay up for long. The former The View co-host started to trend on Twitter as people leaped to point out the hypocrisy of her remarks. John McCain famously suffered from brain cancer during his final year in office, and Meghan has never once questioned whether his ailment should have prevented him from being in the Senate. Instead, she treated his final days as an act of bravery.

Unfortunately, McCain didn’t extend that same courtesy to Fetterman, and she was roasted so hard that she eventually deleted her tweet. Of course, screencaps last forever, so that didn’t stop a ball that was already in motion.

You can see reactions to McCain’s attack on Fetterman below:

(Via Shannon Watts on Twitter)