Mike Lindell Says He Tried To Rid The State Of Minnesota Of Drugs By ‘Doing Them All’

Mike Lindell has never made a secret of his past battles with addiction. Beginning in his teen years, Lindell began drinking and gambling. By the time he was in his 20s, he had added a cocaine habit into the mix. And when the 1990s rolled around, Lindell traded coke for crack and eventually hit rock bottom. The pillow magnate has credited his faith in God for helping him get sober in 2009.

While Lindell has never shied away from questions about his past — ok, let’s be real: Lindell doesn’t seem to possess any sort of filter — he’s also recently taken to sharing a lot about his wild days of yore with absolutely no prompting. He recently shared a completely unhinged story about trying to hide how high he was after being arrested and sent to jail for 19 days. (The recipient of said story was as confused as you are.) And also explained that he was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to his interest in politics because “I was on crack” for 30 years.

Now Lindell has gone on yet another bizarre rant that seemed to be simultaneously about both racism and his unquenchable thirst for narcotics. In a new video, shared by Boing Boing, Lindell shouts at three other men who seem to be wondering which life choices led them to this very moment. His point might be something about the media painting him as a racist because of his association with Donald Trump, which Lindell swears could not be further from the truth.

“They came out with all kinds of defaming things,” Lindell screamed. “‘Oh, Mike was the biggest drug dealer.’ No, I never dealt a drug in my life. I said I tried to rid the state of Minnesota of drugs by doing ‘em all!” Which, we suppose, is one way to address a drug epidemic.

You can watch the clip below.

(Via Boing Boing)