Mike Lindell Reflected Fondly On His Past Crack Cocaine-Fueled Adventures And Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Help But Wonder If That Might Not Explain A Lot

Jimmy Kimmel has a bit of a soft spot for Mike Lindell, as evidenced by the fact that he once welcomed the pillow magnate as a guest (and Lindell could not have been more tickled). On Thursday, the late-night host admitted that he sort of missed being able to talk about Lindell while he was on vacation. Fortunately, the MyPillow man is still giving people plenty to talk about — and Kimmel has always sort of admired his tenacity.

While the bulk of Republicans, including Donald Trump, seem to have given up on the whole “stolen election” nonsense surrounding the 2020 presidential election, Lindell is still wasting millions of his own dollars to prove absolutely nothing. “He’s like if, instead of batteries, the Energizer Bunny was powered by insanity,” Kimmel remarked. Then shared a clip of Lindell waxing nostalgic about his days of being a crack addict.

The way Lindell told it, he was arrested and sent to jail for 19 days, but had a brilliant idea to try and hide just how messed up he was:

I had done all this cocaine before I went into the jail, and they’re gonna do a test. Well I took this stuff that’s supposed to make your system… so you can’t detect the cocaine, right? And you take down this bottle. So, boy, I just had a ball… Well, of course, you’re too good. There’s nothing bad in your system at all! You know, you’re completely clean. Well, that’s a big flag. You know, you’re TOO good, right? So they just waited three or four more hours ‘til that cleared up and they tested me again and I failed.

Kimmel wrote his own end of that story: “And now I’m completely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.”

Lindell’s co-anchor seemed to have his own thoughts. Like: “How did I get here?”

Mike Lindell
Lindell TV

But Kimmel is really curious about what goes on inside Lindell’s once-drug-addled head. “Do you think he ever stops to consider that maybe the crack had something to do with this obsession he has?”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 8:05 mark.