Mike Lindell Shocked One Of His Own Employees When He Bizarrely And Baselessly Accused A Politician Of ‘Murder’

Mike Lindell sure can talk. The MyPillow guy has spent nearly the last year-and-a-half squandering his bedding fortune on utterly unproven claims that his favorite ex-president, Donald J. Trump, didn’t lose re-election by over seven million votes. He’s held symposiums that quickly go awry, marathons that no one watches, protests that few attend, even threatened to pester the Supreme Court with his spastic, incoherent lies. What he’s never done is accuse anyone of murder. Until now.

As per Raw Story, Lindell shocked one of his own employees, who ought to be used to the guy by now, with his latest, perhaps most unhinged accusation yet. During one of his typically unfollowable rants on his “Lindell TV” podcast, the CEO was unloading on Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, who’s got something or other to do with one of his byzantine conspiracy theories.

Lindell said “she will end up in prison, prison, and more prison” and called her “a criminal beyond all criminals.” But he wasn’t done. “But I got news for you Jena, it’s already too late, you already committed a murder and we caught you.”

It was then that his host, who up till then had been very distracted, shuffling papers or whatever he was doing, stopped in his tracks. His jaw dropped. “A murder?!” he asked his boss. “A murder? A murder?”

Lindell immediately backtracked, calling it an “analogy.” But to what?

Meanwhile, Lindell is still being sued for $1.3 billion due to his election fraud misinformation. But clearly he’ll never learn.

(Via Raw Story)