Mike Lindell’s Fox News Protest Was Even More Sad And Pathetic Than His Thanksgiving Election Fraud Marathon

If you hosted a dozen of your closest friends and family members for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, you had more people at your dining room table than Mike Lindell was able to scrounge up for his Fox News protest.

On Wednesday morning, the tenacious pillow salesman enlisted a group of, oh, I don’t know, maybe 11 people to stand outside Fox News’s Manhattan HQ and shout “Shame on Fox!” Honestly, it sort of looked like even Steve Bannon was stifling a laugh while airing footage of Lindell’s protestella—and he’s about to end up in jail.

But as he has proven so many times before, the MyPillow Guy doesn’t give a fig about failure—or just has an inability to recognize it. Because, to hear him tell it, the fact that there was anyone at all chanting outside Rupert Murdoch’s home away from home made it a success. So just what Lindell—who still drops mad cash with Fox on MyPillow advertising—asking this group of people, which had about as many members as Arcade Fire, to protest in the first place? “Election deflection,” Lindell told Bannon. In short: Lindell is annoyed that Fox News was reporting on how Joe Biden was spending his Thanksgiving instead of real news … like the election fraud that happened during the 2020 presidential election, even though he has no proof of any such fraud.

The Daily Beast was actually on the scene—unlike Lindell himself, though he did tell the outlet that it was there that “the names of the mystery plaintiffs bringing his mythical filing to the high court would, at last, be revealed.”

“Alas, the names were not revealed,” Daily Beast wrote. In fact, the only crime their reporters appeared to witness was one against correct spelling, as they noted seeing “A billboard truck parked on the street [that] appeared to take aim at ‘Faux News,’ asking ‘WTH?!?!’—i.e., ‘What the hell?!?!’—and imploring the network to ‘Talk about THE BIGGEST CRIM IN HISTORY! 2020 ELECTION FRAUD.’”

“I didn’t coach them,” Lindell said, clearly missing the comedy of the situation.

As Daily Beast continued:

“No media turned out to cover the poorly publicized last-minute confab, though Lindell at one point urged The Daily Beast to send these ‘evil’ D.C.-based reporters to cover it in person. But Lindell didn’t even attend his own rally—despite past promises. Instead, he said, he was busy traversing the U.S. to allegedly persuade state attorneys general to co-sign his unhinged election-fraud complaint to the Supreme Court.”

Lindell was also likely busy prepping for what he deemed his “Thanks-a-thon,” a 96-hour marathon in which Lindell promised to reveal all sorts of titillating election fraud details… but apparently hit the hay just 90 minutes in, because lunacy is tiring.

Lindell did eventually return to the airwaves on Thursday, and at one point claimed that “millions” of people were watching—forgetting, or not knowing, that anyone viewing this spectacle could see just exactly how many people were tuned in, which was about twice as many people who showed up to his MyProtest.

Eventually, Lindell checked out of his own marathon yet again on Thursday evening when his dinner was ready. Because while election fraud can wait, Thanksgiving dinner cannot.

(Via Daily Beast)