Mike Lindell Claimed ‘Millions’ Were Watching His ‘Marathon’ To Overturn The Election — But It Was Probably Closer To Dozens

How is Mike Lindell’s multi-day Thanksgiving “marathon” to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election going? Let’s see: he called it quits for the night after 90 minutes; he disappeared to eat his Thanksgiving dinner (“Maybe some of you have already had your Thanksgiving meal. I haven’t had mine yet”), and the teaser for his interview with former-president Donald Trump was met with yawns. It’s going great! Lindell also claimed that the “whole world” would be watching his marathon. About that

Just after midday, Mr. Lindell claimed: “There are probably millions of people watching right now.” However, just 24 people were tuned into his Freedom Patriot Network YouTube channel.

On Mr. Lindell’s World-Wire website, which was also streaming the broadcast, it wasn’t clear how many people were watching, but around 90 people were participating in a live chat at the time.

I know it’s all my family could talk about during Thanksgiving dinner. “Wow, I can’t believe that’s how Mike Lindell wrote ‘Get Back.’ What a great song, and it was made right there in the studio!” Wait… Mike Lindell wasn’t in the Beatles? Never mind. We didn’t talk about him, or his frequently debunked conspiracy theories, even once.

Apparently no one did.

(Via the Independent)