Mike Lindell Is Blaming His Failure To Inform The Supreme Court About His Conspiracy Theories On, Of Course, A Conspiracy Theory

For the last year, Mike Lindell has been like one of those end-of-the-world doomsayers, who boldly pick a date as the planet’s last then helplessly watch as the day uneventfully passes. The troubled pillow salesman has kept swearing his favorite president-turned-resort wedding speechgiver would be magically reinstated in the White House. And so far he’s been wrong, about that and about whatever he’s been trying to claim in incoherent “documentaries” and disastrous symposia.

Now another professed deadline is, as of this writing, hours from passing: Lindell swore that on Tuesday, Nov. 23, he would file a shocking complaint alleging election fraud in a year-old election to the Supreme Court. Like his previous promises, that didn’t happen. But he has a good reason for why he didn’t inundate the nation’s top justices with his conspiracy theories. And, of course, it involves another conspiracy theory.

According to The Daily Beast, Lindell informed those checking out his daily livestream on Monday that a massive GOP plot, led by RNC chairperson Ronna McDaniel, kept him from filing the Supreme Court complaint.

“We believe that they have reached out to multiple [attorneys general] and put pressure on them, not to sign the Supreme Court complaint,” Lindell alleged. “How dare the RNC try and stop this case from getting to the Supreme Court. Shame on you, RNC! You are worse than Fox [News] now!” (Lindell is also mad at Fox News, who he claims is trying to silence him, and he’s reportedly planning to protest their headquarters.)

Part of the problem, according to Lindell, is he was having trouble getting enough signatures for the complaint. He claimed numerous Republican attorneys general want to sign but need time beyond the established deadline.

But he had a Plan B. “We do have a copy of the complaint,” Lindell said, revealing that he may simply wind up making it public on Thanksgiving Day, while the nation is eating. Once people see the contents of the filing — which would no doubt be far more convincing than previous attempts at arguing for massive voter fraud in an election that occurred over a year ago — he might finally be able to get the required signatures.

Lindell made these allegations while aboard his private plane, dealing with poor WiFi and loud engine noise. Where was he going? On a Hail Mary sprint across five states to get their respective attorneys general for signatures to the filing whose deadline he’s about to miss.

Since Donald Trump lost re-election in early November of the year 2020, Lindell has devoted a large amount of his time and his finances to arguing that it was stolen by current president Joe Biden and a large cabal. It’s led to billion-dollar lawsuits, the loss of revenue by retailers that don’t wish to be associated with him, and an ocean of flop sweat as he’s manically issued impenetrable claims of voter fraud that even he, after all this time, can’t prove exists. Hope it’s been worth it, whatever “it” is.

(Via The Daily Beast)