Mike Pence Was Mocked For Saying Democrats Want To Make The Rich ‘Poorer’ And Poor People ‘More Comfortable,’ Like It’s A Bad Thing

Mike Pence has mostly kept quiet since Joe Biden’s win nearly two months back, clearly attempting to distance himself from his imploding former running mate while trying not to earn his ire. (The latter, some claim, hasn’t entirely worked.) But if he’s not quite a Trumpist, he’s still a Republican — a member of a party that tends to stick up for the rich while demonizing the poor. Sometimes Republican lawmakers say the quiet part loud. That’s what Pence did on Tuesday, when he tried to tarnish Democrats but only wound up making their policies seem humane.

The outgoing vice president was speaking at a rally in Florida for Turing Point USA, the campus conservative organization run by twentysomething — and recent object of derision for Geraldo Rivera — Charlie Kirk. During Pence’s speech, he tried to tear down Democrats, saying they “want to make rich people poorer, and poor people more comfortable.”

But to many, it wasn’t the sick burn Pence seemed to think. In fact, many found themselves agreeing with him, perhaps for the very first time.

If anything, some thought, Pence didn’t go far enough.

Some pointed out that many Democrats, sadly, do not believe in helping the poor more than the rich.

Some pointed out the obvious: that thinking that privileging the rich over the poor was bad is, to put it mildly, weird.

And Scrooge-ian.

And, perhaps most importantly, completely against the tenets of Pence’s faith, which he professes to hold dear.

In other news, Pence may not be going full Giuliani in trying to overturn the election, but he is suggesting that maybe there’s a chance.

But the reality is the sitting vice president will soon, like too much of the country under his watch, be out of a job.

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