Geraldo Rivera Lost It On MAGA Diehard Charlie Kirk Over His Delusional Refusal To Accept Trump’s Election Loss

Geraldo Rivera’s having quite a time lately. Recently, he ridiculously suggested that a COVID-19 vaccine should be named after Trump, which caused plenty of laughter, but a few days ago, he revealed that Trump is very mad at him and won’t even speak to him (“he didn’t take my calls the last two times I tried”) because Geraldo adopted the (true) position that the election is finished. This, of course was a prominent subject on Fox News after Joe Biden sealed the Electoral College deal on Monday, yet the MAGAs are still somehow here for Trump as their president and patron saint. And Geraldo only wants Trump to get the conceding business done.

To that end, Geraldo went off on Trump activist Charlie Kirk, who insisted that “there are still plenty of pending legal challenges,” despite Trump’s “Elite Strike Force” of lawyers striking out at every turn, and the Supreme Court (twice) shutting down Trump-focused election challenges. Geraldo called Kirk “so dishonest,” and Kirk refused to grasp the truth of the matter, and things got shouty.

“For six weeks!” Rivera yelled. “We have litigated this for six weeks! Twice the Supreme Court of the United States rejected it and you have to stop this.”

Geraldo also lectured Kirk for attempting to give “false hope” to his fellow MAGA devotees. And Geraldo posted a Twitter video before the electoral college results were final: ““I hope that the president of the United States can have it his heart to put aside this election he has lost.” He concluded, “If he sticks it out any further, or much further, he will really appear as a sore loser.”