Paul Mescal, Joe Alwyn, And ‘Hot Priest’ Andrew Scott Have Their Own Group Chat With A Very Sally Rooney-Inspired Name

Looking back on 2022, there were obviously a few standouts regarding actors who had their viral moments. Keke Palmer had a great year because everything she said was always funny and also relevant. Brendan Fraser is another actor who had a spectacular year thanks to his return to the big screen and multiple standing ovations. But there were two actors who constantly went viral for basically just existing. And that’s not to say they are not talented! But simply because they are gorgeous men with accents, Joe Alwyn and Paul Mescal definitely had a great year, regardless of who their very famous girlfriends are.

The two were paired together for Variety’s Actors On Actors series because they are both in the SRU (the Sally Rooney extended universe). Mescal had a breakout role in 2020’s Normal People, while Alwyn starred in Conversations With Friends earlier this year. And yes! They are great actors. But they also have their own appropriately-named group chat.

Paul Mescal: So what’s the name of the WhatsApp group that we’re in?
Joe Alwyn: It’s either the Tortured or Lonely…Tortured Man Club, I think. It’s me, you — and Andrew Scott started the group.
Mescal: He’s just on it every day. He’s just on it by himself:
Alwyn: Just messaging himself good mornings.

Though he isn’t in the SRU, Andrew Scott is familiar with the complex, heartthrob-y lead male archetype after appearing in Fleabag as the Hot Priest. And apparently, the trio can all relate after playing multiple shattered male characters surrounded by beautiful women. Most recently, Alwyn starred alongside Margaret Qualley in Stars At Noon, while Mescal starred in Aftersun.

Alwyn admitted that the group chat doesn’t get as much use anymore, to which Mescal confessed, “I feel like we’re less tortured now.” If you ever want to feel emotionally tortured, check out Aftersun!

(Via Variety)