Pedro Pascal Breaking Character During The ‘Community’ Table Read Is Delighting The Masses

Monday’s Community table read was miraculously able to get the whole band back together — well, the whole band minus Chevy Chase, as they did an episode after his character, Pierce Hawthorne, had both left Greendale and bit the dust. But the reunion, which was done in part for charity, wasn’t stolen by one of the central cast. It was stolen by guest star Pedro Pascal.

The Mandalorian star was a sub-hitter, filling in for Walton Goggin, who appeared in the chosen episode, Season 5’s “Cooperative Polygraphy.” Goggin played Pierce’s executor, who swings by Greendale to fill the gang in on the details of his will. Among the gifts was a container of Pierce’s “hyper-viral sperm,” intended for Gillian Jacobs’ Britta.

On the show Goggins was able to keep a straight face while revealing this absurd detail. Pascal, not so much. But everyone loves performers who break up during bizarre comedy one-liners, especially when the performer is known in part for playing a bounty hunter whose face is permanently hidden under a helmet.

Pascal’s epic flub of the line proved a delight on Twitter, but that wasn’t all people loved. They were also smitten with his many joyous faces as he crashed the party.

His line deliveries — i.e., the ones he was able to get through without losing it — were also very much enjoyed.

Show creator Dan Harmon, also in attendance, was also pumped that Pascal joined the group, and managed to slip in a reference to one of his own shows.

You can watch the full table read below, and please donate to the reunion’s charity.