Piers Morgan Makes The Mistake Of Picking A Fight With J.K. Rowling Over His ‘Real Time’ Appearance

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02.11.17 22 Comments

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Now it’s pretty clear that Piers Morgan is the type of guy who craves attention and says outrageous things to achieve that goal. He’s said many things over the years to raise eyebrows, his latest happening during his appearance on Real Time on Friday night. Morgan said there was no Muslim ban, prompting comedian Jim Jefferies to tell the former CNN host to “f*ck off.” This pleased many people around the globe, including Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling:

Now Morgan could just let it all go quiet and move on to his next moment in the Sun, but he couldn’t help himself here. He decides to hit back at the author by saying he’s never read a word of Harry Potter and ends up sparking another public battle:

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