Ewan McGregor And Piers Morgan Are Beefing On Twitter, And Guess Who’s Getting Roasted

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Piers Morgan has a bad habit of stepping into it on Twitter, although that seems to be how he gets attention nowadays. He was in the news just a few days ago for statements about the Women’s March, including such gems as “I’m planning a ‘Men’s March’ to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists.” He also dismissively asserted, “Let’s be honest, ladies… today’s Women’s March is just an anti-democratic protest at Trump winning the presidency.” (His Twitter profile picture is him with Donald Trump, if you were wondering.)

Ewan McGregor wasn’t happy about some of the things Morgan said, and when he found out he was about to be interviewed by Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning, he said no thanks.

McGregor may be promoting T2: Trainspotting, but he doesn’t have to help anybody’s ratings if he doesn’t want to. Especially when they’ve slighted his daughters, who were at the march:

Piers Morgan was miffed at the last minute cancellation, of course, and said several things on Twitter, including:


Well, there wasn’t any back and forth after that, but there were plenty of other people on Twitter quick to roast one party to this kerfuffle. If it isn’t obvious by looking at the number of retweets on those statements, most of the Twitter responses sided with “anybody but Piers Morgan” again.

Some of Morgan’s detractors pointed out the obvious:

Others just enjoyed watching the spectacle unfold:

And some of the tweets referenced Morgan’s former scandals.

But some who agreed with McGregor took things a bit too far.

Now now. Settle down, Internet.

Meanwhile, others can only express a deep sadness.

Anyway, we’re certain McGregor is very concerned about what Morgan will say in that article he threatened to write…

(Via Deadline and Twitter)