Watch Jim Jefferies Rip Piers Morgan To Shreds And Tell Him To ‘F*ck Off’ On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher saw Piers Morgan join the panel at his most insufferable. It’s not a shock that Morgan would end up being the worst thing about the show, constantly barging in on discussions and making most of the show about him at every turn, but it comes right in the midst of one of the most divisive political moments we’ve seen in years. Luckily Jim Jefferies was on the show to lob a few hand grenades right into Morgan’s lap.

Jefferies was the mid-show guest, giving Morgan plenty of time to set the stage by being himself. There weren’t many moments where guests John Waters or Karine Jean-Pierre got to speak without Morgan talking over them, so it’s all much sweeter when Jefferies tells him to “f*ck off” while discussing the Muslim ban.

That wasn’t the only moment where Jefferies took aim at Morgan. He pointed out how the former CNN personality “got fired” for discussing gun control, a topic Jefferies went viral for in the wake of the Orlando shootings in 2015. The two would also butt heads again in the overtime segment while discussing celebrities and sports personalities staying in their lane while talking politics. While Maher agreed with Morgan on the issue, Jefferies defended everybody’s right to talk about politics or change the channel. You don’t have to watch.

Maher tried to keep between the two for the rest of the show — even though he got heated at Morgan a few times during the opening segments — and then tried to bring it all to a meaningful close with his New Rules for the evening. He wants to make America learn again, citing the rise of “fake news” and the absence of trust between the public, media, and science community. Maher also singles out some of Trump’s cabinet choices to support his claim before circling back to the man himself, saying we’ve gone from being led by the smartest person in the room to “biggest jackass on Twitter.”