Piers Morgan Is Now Petty-Feuding With ‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon: ‘The West Wing’ Is So Much Better Than ‘The Wire’

Piers Morgan has a lot of time on his hands after his Meghan Markle rant cost him his job on Good Morning Britain, and the British television personality is using it wisely — taking the time to learn and to grow.

Just kidding, he’s getting into a Twitter war with the guy who created HBO’s The Wire.

Morgan appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation show earlier this week to bemoan how poorly the public treated him after he made some nasty comments about Markle and Prince Harry’s sit-down with Oprah Winfrey. You’ll remember, Morgan was left clutching his pearls after Meghan and Harry revealed made accusations about the ill-treatment at the hands of the British press and the royal family not mitigating the fallout while the couple still held their titles. Morgan’s reaction to the interview — and the scrutiny of his years-long obsession with Markle — led to his departure from his morning TV show, but he continued to double down on his rhetoric for Carlson, igniting outrage in critics, particularly David Simon.

Simon, who created the critically-acclaimed crime drama The Wire for HBO, called out Morgan on social media, using some colorful turns of phrase to describe the beleaguered TV host.

Morgan clapped back, accusing Simon of being “all over him” when Simon was promoting the show. In reality, the interaction Morgan was referencing was a creator’s panel that included Aaron Sorkin and former HBO chief Richard Plepler. Simon apparently was told to play nice by Plepler during the interview.

And that’s how one of the more entertaining blood feuds on social media this week was born.

Morgan used a pretty tired comeback, taking a jab at Simon’s show by claiming Sorkin’s The West Wing was better. We’ve seen worse from him, but as far as takedowns go, this just felt lazy.

Simon managed to sneak the phrase “Tijuana cathouse” into his rebuttal, so that’s something. But his dig ended up boxing Morgan into a corner he just couldn’t find his way out of. So instead, the Brit kept going on (and on, and on) about how great Aaron Sorkin is. Is Aaron Sorkin the new Meghan Markle? For Piers Morgan, he might be.

Look, is trying to prove to Piers Morgan that his moral compass is broken an effort in futility? Yes, but at least Simon kept his trash talk interesting. He won this battle, but the war? It’ll probably rage on.