Rand Paul Is Being Dragged For Referring To The Surge In Omicron Cases As ‘Nature’s Vaccine’

While appearing on Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning, Senator Rand Paul once again dipped into his never-ending bag of COVID misinformation. As he continued to rail against the “hysteria” surrounding the coronavirus, which he of course lays at the feet of Dr. Fauci, Paul trotted out a false statistic that the majority of the people hospitalized with COVID are vaccinated. (They are not.) But perhaps his biggest whopper was referring to the recent surge in Omicron variant cases as “nature’s vaccine,” and ultimately, a good thing even though Paul admits people are going to die.

Via Aaron Rupar on Twitter:

We’ve got 150 million people in our country that have already had this. Now, in the last couple weeks, we’re adding millions of people every week who have already gotten this. And the one thing we know is that if you get this mild variant, the omicron, it actually is going to protect you against the more serious variants. This is basically nature’s vaccine that is running through the community. That doesn’t mean that some of our vulnerable people may not suffer and die from this. We should be trying to protect the vulnerable.

Paul’s assertion that Omicron is basically a vaccine handed down by God did not go over well on social media where people dragged Paul for his continued callousness in the face of unprecedented illness and death. They also made it a point to question his medical credentials, which don’t have anything to do with infectious disease.

(Via Aaron Rupar on Twitter)