Roger Stone Straight-Up Threatened Matt Gaetz For Saying Nice Things About Meatball ‘Weasel’ Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump may be doing pretty well for himself these days — long as you ignore those 91 criminal charges against him — but the party he leads is in disarray. There’s a ton of in-fighting right now, especially among the House GOP, who are scrambling to either avert a government shutdown or put the blame for same on someone who’s not them. Speaking of, Matt Gaetz recently made the mistake of saying nice things about Trump rival Ron DeSantis. That got him called out by one of the party’s more sinister agents.

Per Newsweek, Gaetz put a silver lining on the Florida governor’s rapidly fading presidential aspirations. “DeSantis will return to Florida as a popular, successful governor with two years of runway to cement a legacy of accomplishment in America’s third largest (and best) state,” he wrote.

Roger Stone, the GOP’s notorious longtime fixer, wasn’t having that one. Calling him “wrong,” Stone said, “You created this monster who has proven to be a backstabbing weasel and ingrate .He’s done and if you keep kissing his ass, so are you.”

Definitely not ominous mafia stuff! It’s sad because Gaetz and Stone go way back. In 2019, as Stone was awaiting sentencing for obstruction in the Robert Mueller Russia investigation, Gaetz told him, over a hot mic, that Trump won’t let him “go down for this.”

For those keeping track at home, Gaetz is now feuding with not only Roger Stone but also Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, whom he’s so desperate to oust that he may have left a motion to unseat him in a bathroom.

(Via Newsweek)