Roger Stone Gleefully Announced, ‘B*tches, I’m Back On Twitter’ Before Being Suspended Minutes Later

It looks like Roger Stone might’ve jumped the gun in his efforts to get his Twitter account reinstated.

Donald Trump’s former hype-man was banned from the social media site in 2017 after he made some vulgar, threatening posts targeting CNN anchors Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, and Ana Navarro, among others. Stone has since moved his social media presence to platforms like Telegram but it seems he got a bit overeager after news broke that Elon Musk put in a bid to buy Twitter. The human equivalent of a Roger Rabbit cartoon villain attempted to forge a new account on the site, sharing this message with his followers on Telegram:

“Well, bitches I’m back on Twitter,” Stone wrote, according to The Daily Beast. “I’m anxious to see how strong Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech is.”

Unfortunately, it seems that he doesn’t know how major corporate acquisitions work because while Musk has technically bought the company, his bid still needs to pass a shareholder vote. That hasn’t happened yet — though it likely will in the coming months — so, as of now, his biggest influence on Twitter’s policies has been to openly criticize some of its employees. That’s bad news for Stone, who seemed to believe that Musk’s accepted bid meant he could return to Twitter to start spreading more misinformation and harassing people he doesn’t like. His account, @RogerStoneUSA, was banned within minutes of creation.

“My new Twitter account was suspended after just six hours. So much for free speech,” he later told followers. “Just makes me like Telegram all the more.”

Sure buddy, that’s why you’re practically salivating at the mouth to get a new Twitter handle with Musk’s help. Stone also told The Daily Beast that he’s hopeful someone at the company will lose their job because of his embarrassing gaffe.

“I posted a new account to prove a point,” Stone said. “I look forward to whoever made the decision to suspend my account getting fired. Attn: Elon Musk.”

Really loving where this new “free speech” era on Twitter is heading, right guys?

(Via The Daily Beast)