‘Bear Attack!’: Watch A Shirtless Alex Jones Interrupt Roger Stone’s InfoWars Interview For No Discernible Reason (If You Dare)

Of the many adjectives one could use to describe Alex Jones, “unpredictable” is one word that might come to mind. “Bankrupt” is probably another. And now, unfortunately, “shirtless” is yet another term that might pop into your head when you think of the InfoWars host.

This week, longtime political operative/aspiring Batman villain Roger Stone appeared on Jones’s conspiracy theory-fueled show to trash-talk House minority leader Kevin McCarthy when he got quite the surprise: a topless Jones wandering aimlessly into the shot for no other reason than to apparently make sure that his sunburnt man-boobs with odd hair patterns find the way into innocent people’s nightmares.

For his part, Stone seemed unsurprised by the event, which he described as a “bear attack.”

Unfortunately, it’s hardly the first time that Jones has proudly showed off his unenviable physique. Back in 2017, Jones conducted an entire interview with German magazine Der Spiegel sans shirt and, according to a lawyer, once randomly disrobed during a family therapy session (which no doubt required many more individual therapy sessions).

His penchant for going pants-only even became a talking point in his 2017 custody battle with his ex-wife. It’s become such a favorite pastime of Jones that there are YouTube compilation videos of him just ripping his shirt off at random moments.