Ron DeSantis Has Vowed To Be ‘Aggressive’ About Pardoning Trump And Jan. 6 Rioters If He’s Elected President

Despite an increasingly intense rivalry that’s only gotten worse since Ron DeSantis officially launched his presidential campaign (in disastrous fashion), the Florida governor is not adverse to pardoning Donald Trump if the former president is hit with federal charges for the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago and/or his involvement in the January 6 attacks.

While appearing on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show podcast the morning after announcing his 2024 run, DeSantis was asked if he would pardon Trump or January 6 defendants.

“Do you think the Jan. 6 defendants deserve to have their cases examined by a Republican president?” Travis asked. “And if Trump, let’s say, gets charged with federal offenses and you are the president of the United States, would you look at potentially pardoning Trump himself based on the evidence that might emerge of those charges?”

DeSantis assured the right-wing audience that he’d be big on issuing pardons. Via ABC News:

The governor did not mention either Trump or any specific Jan. 6 cases by name but suggested he was open to the idea.

“We will be aggressive [in] issuing pardons,” he said, arguing that the Department of Justice and FBI had become “weaponized” to pursue political rather than law enforcement goals.

However, DeSantis apparently isn’t waiting until he gets into the White House to start doling out powerful favors. A day after announcing his presidential run on Twitter, the Florida governor signed a law that “exempts spaceflight entity from liability for injury to or death of a crew resulting from spaceflight activities under certain circumstances.”

Who happens to own such a spaceflight entity? Why Elon Musk, of course. What a coincidence.

(Via ABC News)