A Ron DeSantis Super PAC Got Hilariously Busted Adding Fake Fighter Jets To An Ad For His Campaign

The launch of Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign is already off to a bumpy start, and we’re not even 24 hours in. The Florida governor made the bold, and ultimately disastrous, decision to kick off his campaign with the help of Elon Musk. The two attempted to hold a Twitter Spaces event announcing the launch of DeSantis’ campaign, but instead, the whole thing crashed leading to both Donald Trump, Joe Biden, to ruthlessly mock the failed political stunt.

Now, comes another controversy hot on the heels of the Twitter fiasco. The Super PAC backing DeSantis’ presidential run released a video touting his campaign launch, but they made a couple digital alterations. Namely, adding fake fighter jets (after the 0:45 mark above) to a shot of DeSantis giving a speech in Port St. Lucie, Florida on November 5, 2022.

Axios has confirmed that there were no military flyovers on that day:

Why it matters: It’s the latest instance of political ads including digitally altered videos to promote or attack candidates, making it difficult for viewers to discern what’s real.

What they’re saying: The PAC did not deny altering the footage but responded to Axios’ questions by focusing on the video’s larger message.

Instead of addressing the thorny issue of using a digital recreation of US Air Force jets in a political ad, a spokesperson for the Super PAC attacked Joe Biden when responding to Axios.

“The ‘President for the People’ video encapsulates the mounting issues facing our nation caused by Joe Biden, and how Governor Ron DeSantis will stand up to the challenge, beat Biden, and turn our country around,” Erin Perrine said.

(Via Axios)