Ron Perlman Admitted To Peeing On His Hand Before A Handshake With Harvey Weinstein

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Harvey Weinstein, who just pleaded not guilty to rape and criminal sex assault charges last month, is easily one of the least popular men in America right now. Even if the disgraced producer miraculously manages to avoid jail time — his career, his family is gone, and nobody feels particularly bad about it.

But even before his alleged crimes were exposed, rumors of Weinstein’s so-called “casting couch” (which was apparently a polite way of saying “sexual assault”) were the worst kept secret in Hollywood and his seedy reputation well-known. To get a feel how low-key disliked Weinstein was, allow us to turn our attention to this story compliments of Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman.

On Monday, Perlman retweeted journalist Lauren Duca, who had slammed President Trump for publicly attacking the Red Hen restaurant in Lexignton for turning away Sarah Huckabee Sanders earlier that morning.

“This is an undeniable abuse of power, and also there are vengeful Yelp reviews that are more qualified to be president,” she wrote, to which Perlman added his two cents.

And then, out of absolutely nowhere, Perlman offered up a story about having peed all over his own hand before being introduced to Weinstein — to give him a “yellow handshake,” if you will — presumably to suggest that fast food employees employ the same tactic when handling Trump’s food.

Who cares if it makes sense, because we’re extremely here for this story.

And then (then!!) it got even better, when Donald Trump Jr. jumped into the fray to defend his dear old dad, which went about as well as it ever does — which is to say not well at all.

Yeah. The guy has got a thing about pricks and bullies, Donnie Jr., not that either you or your father would know anything about that. But to be in the safe side I wouldn’t mess with frigging Hellboy, ya doofus.

(Via Huffington Post)